"Which is more important in Christian teaching - dealing with real-life issues or communicating Bible content?" If you think this is a trick question, you're right! Both elements are essential for faithful Christian teaching. If the Bible is not taught, we have little authority for what we teach. If we fail to address life issues, then our lesson risks becoming stale theology. In truth, the Gospel separated from real life is truly not Good News.
These lessons have been developed with the purpose of both addressing real-life issues and communicating the timeless truth of God's Word. Yet you may need to tailor these lessons to address your students' specific needs. Furthermore, while this lesson has been developed with the intention of giving you more than enough material to teach the week's Scripture passage, further study made be needed to understand what God's Word is saying to you and your class.
Source: Haystead, Wes (2005). The 21st Century Sunday School: Strategies for Today and Tomorrow. Cincinnati, OH: The Standard Publishing Company. p.16