Unit 6 Early Elementary

Unit 6 – King Me

Lesson topics include:
• Asa: The King Who Sought the God of His Father
• Abijah: The King Who Spoke Good While Doing Evil
• Zimri: The King Who Committed Suicide
• Jehoram: The King Who Did Evil in the Sight of God
• Joash: The King Who Obeyed the Scriptures
• Amaziah: The King Who Was Ruined by Success
• Jotham: The King Who Did Right in the Midst of Evil
• Menahem: The King Who Reigned With Cruelty
• Hoshea: The King Who Refused to Follow God’s Commandments
• Manasseh: The King Who Experienced God’s Grace
• Josiah: The King Who Repaired the Temple
• Jehoshaphat: The King Who Sent Others to Teach the Law of God

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