In "Word Focus" Danny McCain writes:

One of the common expressions of Old Testament writers is “the glory of God.” The word glory is most often the Hebrew word kabed, which occurs 376 times in the Hebrew Bible. The basic meaning of the word is “to be heavy, weighty.” It is used in this sense in 2 Samuel 14:26 concerning Absalom's hair. It is not difficult to see how the word evolved to refer to a “weighty” person — someone with a lot of authority, hence worthy of honor and respect. Glory denotes the honor, respect, and reverence that others have toward a worthy person. When used in this way, it meant that which impressed others — the thing that caused one to stand out by himself. The wonders and beauties of nature are the natural items which impress the world, which cause their Author and Maker to stand out by Himself in glory. The expression also refers to other ways God is manifest, such as the visible form that filled the Temple.

Source: Studies in the Psalms: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 10.