In Lead Your Group to think Like Missionaries Mark Miller writes...

Historically, the Sunday School was age-graded for the primary purpose of outreach and evangelism. The classes were expected to reach out to others in their neighborhoods and communities with the goal of enrolling them in the class. When lost people were enrolled and attended the Bible study, many were saved. I am convinced that Sunday School class and groups are a sleeping giant. If teachers and group leaders catch a fresh vision and begin to think like a missionary, the impact on lostness and on our world will be unmeasurable.

Maybe the first question we should ask ourselves is... how does our class think? Are we students, consumers, missionaries, or something else? Then, what does it mean for us to think like missionaries? What must we do different - before class, during class, and after class?
The most enjoyable question may be, "How would our church be changed if we all started thinking like missionaries?"