Read Ecclesiastes 9:11-15

“Now there was found in [a little city] a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man” (v. 15).

In today’s passage, the Preacher turns to something that troubles many people, the apparent randomness of life on earth. As verse 11 notes, the fastest doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest doesn’t always win the fight. In the key verse, the Preacher concludes his sketch of a miniature drama, where a poor man’s counsel delivers a small city from a powerful king’s siege. Wisdom has greater value than power or wealth either one! But although he saved them, the townspeople forget all about the poor man. For some, these realities suggest that there is no God or that God is remote from our lives or that God is malicious. Otherwise, surely the world would make more sense! The wise response differs. God gives us freedom and a brief time on earth; He lets us choose how we use our time and resources. It should not surprise us that, aside from grace, human choices are topsy-turvy, often distributing rewards erroneously. But wisdom delivered the poor man, as well as his city. Wisdom delivers us also, from meaningless living. And wisdom, best of all, delivers our souls into the deeper reality of eternal life! (Aaron D. Profitt)

Wisdom divine! who tells the price Of Wisdom’s costly merchandise? Wisdom to silver we prefer. And gold is dross compared to her. — Charles Wesley

Wisdom brings meaning to life on earth, where folly sees only emptiness.