“Though the LORD be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off” (v. 6).

The writer once had a professor who had a special passion for the homeless. The professor had made it the focus of his doctoral work. Over the course of two years, by spending time with the homeless, he became their friend and was accepted into their culture. For Thanksgiving, he enjoyed preparing food and taking it to the homeless who were living under interstate overpasses. At the institution where he taught, he obtained permission to have the leftover food from the cafeteria. He and some of the students would put it in back packs. They would walk through the city to share food and the gospel with those who were the neediest in society.

Jesus was called a Friend of sinners. He came from the highest echelon of glory to dwell with sinful mankind. He sees and has regard for the lowly. Let us praise Him for condescending to where we are. As we humble ourselves, He draws near, but if we are lifted up with pride, He withdraws and is far off. (Bob Blankenship)

Hail, Galilean King!

Thy humble state I sing;

Never shall my triumphs end;

Hail derided Majesty!

Jesus, hail! the sinner’s Friend,

Friend of Publicans, - and me.

Charles Wesley (Public Domain)

p style="font-style-italic;text-align:center;">The better we know God, the better we can praise Him.