Prejudice is an ugly sin. It hurts when people assume negative things about you simply because you are of a certain ethnicity, culture, etc. Prejudice also limits you when you assume that because a person comes from a certain background, etc. that certain things must be true of them. Prejudice shackles people with historical baggage. Prejudice limits the number of positive relationships we can develop. Prejudice is especially ugly when God's people purposefully hold on to biased opinions of people without thinking, questioning, or reasoning. Prejudice held by those who are to marked by agape love is a mark of hypocrisy, a stain on the Bride's wedding gown.
Many of the barriers discussed during this quarter, while serious, can be remedied by small tweaks. Prejudice, on the other hand, may cause long-lasting damage; years later the memories may still linger on.
How will you work this week to banish prejudice and encourage agape love in your class?