Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries

Perhaps you already celebrate each class member’s birthday or anniversary, but if you do not, here are some reasons and ways to start celebrating. Everyone likes to be remembered and acknowledged on a birthday. Most everyone likes to eat. Now I am not suggesting you make a big deal with presents, cake, and ice cream, but I am suggesting giving a card and possibly bringing a coffee cake or donuts. One way to make this affordable for you as the teacher is to set up a class benevolence fund. You can ask your fellow class members to chip in as needed or suggest a certain amount to be given. If remembering when birthdays are is not your strong point, ask someone in your class to be responsible for this. Make it happen, because you show you care by remembering. And that’s an important step in building relationships. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” (Zig Ziglar).