Heavenly Father, I pray today for our community. All around our church live many people who do not know You as their Lord and Savior. Some may know much about You, but they have not surrendered their lives to Your control. Others may actually not know much about God and the Gospel. Some may hate You. But I know that You love them and want each one to trust in You as Lord and Savior.
Therefore, Lord, I pray for the good of my community. Lord, break into the routine of this community to demonstrate Your love and grace. Through tragedies that may come, I ask for Your abiding peace to overshadow us. Create a hunger for Yourself that will not be satisfied by worldly success and pleasure.
Help our local church then to provide the witness necessary to attract lost people to You. Draw them by the power of the Holy Spirit and change them by Your grace. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.