In "Doctrinal Discussion" Omar Lee writes:

Remember, gifts come from God, and He in His wisdom gives them as He wills. Some are gifted preachers. Others less gifted may still preach but will never attain what the others do. The call may be the same, but the gifts differ. Others may be musicians, skilled carpenters, etc. None should look down on another, because his work is a worship to God just as ours is. His work is a service just as ours is. Let us make sure that we use our gifts so that no part of God's great building (the Church) will be built out of shoddy material! Notice that these gifts are for others, not ourselves; therefore, we have nothing to be proud of in our success. In the list of gifts, practical service, deakonia, is close to the top of the list. Do not apologize for being a practical servant. After all, these are the ones who build the building for those who serve in higher realms. They may not know, but God knows that “gifted” leaders would fall from cloud nine if it were not for the practical people who keep the organization together.

Source: Studies in Romans: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 68.