There is something God cannot do — He can do no wrong. But within the scope of what is right and good, there is no limit to God’s power. When Jesus declared a sick man to be forgiven of his sin, some of the scribes wouldn’t believe. Jesus was claiming to do something only God could do. So, in turn, Jesus healed the man from his outward disease. Unbelievers often find it difficult to accept the intangible or spiritual results of prayer. To them, Christians make a lot of claims that don’t really correlate with their experiences. But that is not the way God intends it to be. As in the case of the paralytic, God wants His power to be very visible to unbelievers so they may come to accept the inner, spiritual transformation He provides. There is a need for unbelievers to see God’s power in a tangible, life-changing way.
Many people doubt the existence of miracles today. Yet God is still as active as He has ever been. Perhaps this lamentation is more indicative of our preoccupation with physical health than spiritual health.