I remember as a child reading about the life of Abraham Lincoln. The story recounted the time when his oldest son, Bobby, was bitten by a rabid dog. After reading the story, I imagined that every dog I encountered might be inflicted with rabies. Now imagine what people must have thought when they saw a wild demoniac roaming about the tombs. This is not just a scary nighttime story that teenagers tell around a campfire. The authorities had attempted many times to bind him in chains (today we would try handcuffs), but he always broke the chains into pieces! Attempts had been made to tame him, to reason with him, and to domesticate him. Not only had others tried to help him, but he had tried to help himself. He cried and even attempted suicide, but the evil in him seemed unstoppable and incurable until Jesus appeared. Our need to see God’s power over evil spirits is addressed in this lesson. There are many people who believe that God and Satan are equal forces, but this story makes it plain that God’s power is infinitely greater.

Discussion: *Why do you think people struggle to accept or believe in Jesus’ power over evil?
Discussion: What do Legion’s actions tell us about Jesus?

Discussion: How can the Church demonstrate such decisive power over sin so that people will be drawn to God?
Discussion: *Why does freedom from evil draw people to Jesus? Furthermore, why are some people fearful of God’s power over evil?
Discussion: What do you think keeps people from embracing Jesus as Sovereign over the powers of evil?

Discussion: How does God use us as His witnesses?
Discussion: How important is it for our own communities — people who knew our old lives — to see the power of God changing us? What does this accomplish that a stranger cannot accomplish?
Discussion: How did Jesus equip this man to be an effective witness for Him?