In "Doctrinal Discussion", Dr. Gayle Woods writes:

Stewardship is a broad subject that essentially means the oversight and preservation of resources. When people speak of stewardship, they may be speaking about global warming, the stewardship of natural resources, the stewardship of time, the stewardship of the assets in a business, the stewardship of finances, and so on.
Biblical guidance touches all aspects of stewardship. In looking to the Word of God we discover a number of principles that govern the Christian’s endeavor to be a good steward.

Five principles are then listed...

  1. God owns everything.
  2. We are in charge of God's stuff.
  3. With the responsibility of stewardship comes accountability.
  4. We must be committed to others.
  5. Our stewardship has eternal consequences.

Discussion: Which of these principles of stewardship do you think need reinforced most today?
Source: Biblical Family Values, Adult Teacher's Insights, page, 56.