Arthur Flake asserts "The Sunday School is the 'school' of the church." (Toler, 1995, p. 2).
When you think of "school", what comes to your mind? Heavy textbooks, boring lectures, and an overwhelming sleepiness or new adventures, challenging discussions, and practical application?
Most probably agree that school is important, even though some may argue that the traditional classroom is not always the most effective method of training. We recognize our level of achievement will be greatly stunted if we do not receive some type of education.
Sunday school does not necessarily have the same respect. This is unfortunate as Sunday school plays an integral role in our discipleship. Such disdain may have been earned from years of enduring boring, trivial or unprepared classes. Your calling, Teacher, is to help make Sunday school an essential ministry of your local church.
When your students think "Sunday school", what comes to their mind?
Toler, Stan (1995). 101 ways to grow a healthy sunday school. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press.