Read John 9:1-8
“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (v. 4).
Is your to-do list like mine — always a carry-over from yesterday and seemingly never done? I have often wished for a few extra hours in my day and then need to remind myself that God apportioned the number of hours to a day and it corresponds to the rhythm He has established for us. If twenty-four is the right number, then I must learn to work within that allotment.
It is astonishing to realize that, while on this earth, Jesus was re- stricted to the limitations of time in the same way as we are. He submitted to all the hardships of humanness, including time pressure.
John related that, on leaving the Temple, Jesus encountered this blind man. His followers were sure his affliction was the result of direct sin, but Jesus corrected their thinking. Then Christ went on to say He had many works to complete before night. It seems He was referring to His death — the cessation of work. And like Him, you and I must be focused on completing the tasks the Father has given us while it is day. Let us not be found with an incomplete “to-do list” when He calls. (Valorie Quesenberry)
Work when the day grows brighter;
Work in the glowing sun.
Work, for the night is coming,
When man’s work is done.
— Annie L. Coghill

God has given you twenty-four hours today; fill your to-do list for His glory.
This is the Monday, February 17, 2014 devotional from Opening the Word.
Photo Credit: "tuesday to-do list" by Stacey Spensley used under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped.