In "Opening the Word" David Fry notes that fear can be a good thing. Good fear keeps us from doing reckless things, etc. However, there is also fear that defeats faith. Fry writes:

This lesson addresses our need to overcome the kind of fear that is detrimental to our faith. The kind of fear that defeats faith is fear that hesitates when we should obey, retreats when we should advance, and focuses on our weakness rather than God’s strength. Even in the midst of uncertainty, faith produces a calm and settled peace — that is, faith that Christ is present. Faith in Christ consistently drives fear away and frees us to take the next step.

Discussion: What scriptural examples do you recall of 1) faith that hesitates when God should have been obeyed, 2) retreated when they should have advanced, 3) focused on their weakness instead of God's strength?
Source: Miracles of Jesus: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 58.