"Henrietta Mears, an influential Christian educator and leader during the first half of the twentieth century, described her own personal pilgrimage, 'First I learned to love my teacher. Then I learned to love my teacher's God.'" (Haystead)
Have you seriously considered the important role you have in leading your students closer to Christ, due to the relationship they have with you in your class? While such a thought is understandably intimidating, it is worth reflection. If the teacher's relationship with his students is a key ingredient for their spiritual growth, how important is his study of God's Word in preparation for the lesson? At the same time, can the teacher fulfill her task of discipling her students by approaching the lesson only as an intellectual exercise?
How should you work at building relationships with your students this week in order to influence them for Christ?
Source: Haystead, Wes (2005). The 21st Century Sunday School: Strategies for Today and Tomorrow. Cincinnati, OH: The Standard Publishing Company. p.18.