There's an old saying that "a home-going pastor has a church-going people." Teachers, do you want to increase your class attendance? Do you want to increase the frequency that your students attend class?

This suggested best practice is the first of several yearly habits the teacher should follow. This particular practice is the bare minimum. If you really want to have a positive impact on your students, you probably will need to visit them multiple times throughout the year. However, this tip is written in mind of our modern culture in which many people do not want unannounced visitors on their doorstep. You should be sensitive to the comfort zone of your students. 

  • Should you schedule a visit or drop in without warning? 
  • Would it be better to invite them to meet you for a cup of joe at the coffee shop instead?
  • Would meeting at the church throughout the week or before/after a service be more appropriate?

The point of this practice is to encourage you as the teacher to "pastor" your class. In order to shepherd them spiritually, you need to know them more deeply. What are you doing on a yearly basis to achieve this?