One of the easiest ways to develop community in your class is to take some time to ask students about their concerns and needs. Not only does this allow your students to share with one another about their lives, it also helps you as a teacher know how to speak to their needs from God's Word. If you have committed to praying daily for your students, this time also allows you to update your prayer list with new requests and answers.
One of our Sunday school teachers has an admirable method for class prayer. Every week, he brings a half-sheet of paper for each student with a list of prayer requests his class has been praying for, as well as recent answers to prayer. The class takes time to read through the list, add requests, and pray for the needs. As a result these prayer requests are not forgotten immediately after the brief time of prayer, but this list can guide the students' prayers throughout the week.
Questions you may want to consider include:

  • How long should you take for prayer during the typical class period?
  • How will you track ongoing prayer requests and answers?
  • How can you ensure an appropriate level of privacy/confidentiality?