"Our Church subculture has erected dozens of barriers that separate many people from the possibility of becoming disciples. Virtually all of those barriers are essentially cultural barriers, and have little or nothing to do with ‘faith once delivered to the saints.'" 1

There is a difference between maintaining holiness standards as a church and erecting unnecessary barriers in front of the unchurched. Simply, we can insist on the former while removing the latter.
If our holiness is an excuse for making the unbeliever uncomfortable, causing him or her to feel unwelcome, or viewing them as less loved or valuable to God... there is a problem with our holiness. Such "holiness" is old-time Phariseeism.
In this series of Tips for Teachers, we will consider a number of unnecessary barriers that may hinder your Sunday school's growth. Right now, stop and spend five minutes visualizing your typical Sunday school hour. What are some unnecessary barriers for unchurched people?

  1. George Hunter III, Church for the Unchurched, pp. 62-64