Read Proverbs 23:22-26

“Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding” (v. 23).

“Invest in truth and wisdom . . . and don’t part with them,” says a modern Bible version. I occasionally read investment advice from a successful brokerage. The writers tell their readers what stocks they should purchase — they are considered good investments. The desire, of course, is that the investment will gain in value, increasing the investor’s wealth. However, the advisors also tell their readers how to calculate a “trailing stop” — the price at which to sell the stock if it begins to lose value. The idea is for the “trailing stop” to rise along with the stock value but provide for a selling price to lock in most of the gains when the stock falters. They offer such advice, of course, because investments rise and fall in value, companies lose money or go out of business, and investor confidence sours. No one wants to lose money, so everyone is poised to sell his investment at the most advantageous moment. God’s advice about truth and wisdom, though, does not include a “trailing stop” or a selling price. Rather, He urges us to purchase, or invest in, truth — and then keep it! We should even add to it. Truth is an investment that will never lose its value. Our greatest advantage is to keep it, for truth will take us to heaven. (Steven E. Hight)

Truth is a valuable investment for eternity.