Read Matthew 13:36-43
“The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one” (v. 38).
A number of years ago I worked for a screen printing company in Kansas City, Missouri, and one of our clients was a large seed company with its home office in Iowa. Usually, each year we would receive an order to print corrugated plastic field signs that would be placed along the highway in the fields where our customer’s “certified” seed was being grown.
As we think about the motive of the seed company, we would note their desire to advertise and express their pride in the quality crop being produced from their seed. In this parable, Jesus noted that there is both good seed and bad seed. The good seed is representative of the children of the kingdom, but the poor seed is the result of Satan’s activity in the lives of lost humanity.
If there were to be a sign posted in your life as to the quality or purity of the seed in your life, would you be a representative of good seed or bad seed? We cannot expect to sow the seed of unrighteousness in our lives and then bring forth a harvest of holiness. As we live in this world today, what signs are being read by those who pass our way? Are we producing a life of purity or that of wicked worldliness? (Marshall Mosley)
There are only two kinds of spiritual seeds — God’s and Satan’s. Which
do you use?

This is the February 11, 2014 devotional from Opening the Word.
Photo Credit: "Billboard by Editor B used under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped.