Inductive presentations could be understood as deductive presentations turned upside down. Instead of stating propositional truth at the beginning, inductive reasoning begins with questions. As the progression of thought continues, various tentative or partial truths may be stated. Or the in-progress conclusions could be false, demonstrating a necessity to keep digging. At the climax of presentation, the key truth is finally stated, after which application is made.
In our lessons, the “God’s Word for Today” may be used for such a presentation, leading the class in a series of questions and truth statements, at the conclusion of which could be stated the “Central Truth.” (Please note that the writer’s presentation style for this section may NOT be inductive. Deductive reasoning may include questions. But the various questions in this section may help you to teach the lesson inductively.)
Inductive reasoning seems to have special appeal to men who often are used to tinkering with cars or computers, trying out various hypotheses until finally arriving at the solution.