In "Doctrinal Discussion" Omar Lee writes:

First Peter 2:1-11 gives the formula for victorious living.

  1. Spiritual hunger — maintaining a healthy hunger for the Word of God will help to promote spiritual renewal and victory.
  2. Spiritual growth — eating a balanced diet will ensure us of advancing into maturity and in the understanding of the Christian life.
  3. Spiritual liveliness — our liveliness will be an inspiration to others until a spiritual house (church) will be established which will attract others to it as well.
  4. Spiritual values — we can see the true cornerstone is Jesus, and we will measure all other things in relation to His reaction to them through the Word, through the Spirit, and through our consciences.
  5. Spiritual heritage — it should be cause for celebration to know that we are a chosen people. We are a people belonging to God, and we are no longer orphans!
  6. Spiritual sanctity — we are in a spiritual war, but by abstaining from fleshly lusts, we can win.

Source: Studies in Romans: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 44.