There is an amusing story of a little girl who stood to testify and said, "I'm saved, sanctified, and backslid!"
The serious reality is that many people, even long-time Christians, do not have a good understanding of many religious terms we use. Without proper definition and explanation of the religious terms we use, our students may be confused or even mistaken in what we are teaching. This is especially true if we have unbelievers in our class. Even the basic term "saved" may be a mystery to the uninitiated.
It is tempting to argue that the new person will learn the terminology if they continue to attend. This, however, assumes that the new person will be willing to continue attending a class in which they may understand little of what is being said. If this is your argument, you should be commended in leading such a compelling class!
Otherwise, it is prudent to ask yourself weekly: am I using terminology that is confusing, especially to our guests?