Wes Haystead writes, "A Sunday school that is not seeing unchurched people won to Christ is a stagnant program." Haystead also notes that many Sunday schools have become ingrown, even though they may have never said that their purpose was only to serve the Christian.
As you consider your typical class format, are there any methods that would be confusing to the new person? For example, when your class prays together, do you prompt your students to stand, kneel, etc., or is the prayer position assumed? Would a new person be embarrassed because she didn't know the procedures your class follow by habit? When referring to lesson books, do you prompt your students where to turn? Would a new person be frustrated because he didn't know how to follow along?
As you teach this week, be attentive to ways your class may have become less accessible to the unchurched.
Haystead, Wes (2005). The 21st Century Sunday School: Strategies for Today and Tomorrow. Cincinnati, OH: The Standard Publishing Company. p.15