Our next quarter is about “The Church: God’s People.” Asking your class now to begin looking for relevant articles, pictures, etc. that speak to the various topics of next quarter’s lessons. For example, collect different membership covenants for Lesson 4. Include spiritual gift inventories for Lesson 8. Find stories of successful evangelism efforts for Lesson 10.
Ask for someone who loves to scrapbook to collect the various snippets provided by class members for this project. Depending on your class makeup, you could create a shared document on an app (Google Docs, Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox Paper, etc.) in which your students could paste links, documents, images, etc.
At the end of the quarter, plan for a “big reveal” in which the scrapbook (analog or digital) is presented to the class. Ask the pastor for permission to display the scrapbook on a welcome table in the foyer. If you developed a digital version, do a presentation for your class or ask your pastor for permission to present it to the church.