The Narrative

Another major form of presentation is narrative, or story-telling. Narrative presentations can easily be inductive in reasoning, presenting the conclusion at the end of the story, but they can also be deductive, using stories to illustrate the truth that is stated upfront.

Story-telling is an ancient form of teaching, and was used by Jesus extensively. (Jesus used inductive reasoning with story-telling throughout His earthly ministry.) This method may be more effective for certain lessons; a lesson built around a story in scripture would seem to fit this approach more easily. Yet even the “driest” lesson could be taught using a series of stories that progressively or repeatedly emphasize the scriptural truth.

The teacher need not be the only person telling stories, but could ask students to share life stories related to the scriptural truth. (Note: it may be best to ask select persons beforehand so they have time to prepare and not waste time recalling details or getting sidetracked into unnecessary minutiae.)