Four Laws of Romans 8:28

In "Doctrinal Discussion" Omar Lee writes:

The abundant life, someone has said, is governed by four laws as found in Romans 8:28. 1. The law of operation, all things work. God is not the author of inactivity in itself. We work for our bread; we work out our salvation; we work for the Lord. Even the universe follows laws of operation. 2. The law of cooperation, together. While some things do not appeal to us of themselves, they give flavor to other ingredients. For instance, vanilla is not appealing by itself, but put a certain amount in ice cream, and you have a delicious dessert! Not all the things in our lives may be appealing, but they may operate with other things to make us more successful Christians. 3. The law of compensation, for good. Not all things may look like they work together for good, but God's promises never fail! Job lost all, yet he gained all! Poison, steam, and lightning are instruments of death to some, but they can be made to work together for good. The poison can be made into a painkiller. the steam can produce work, and the lightning can in another form be light! 4. The law of limitation, that love God. The abundant life can only come to the one who loves the Lord abundantly. More than conquerors have all these laws working for them.

Source: Studies in Romans: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 50.