Read Psalm 41:10-13
“And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face forever” (v. 12).
At one time the State of Illinois was going through a great financial depression. Pennsylvania had previously faced a similar situation; their solution was called “repudiating the debt.” This simply meant the disowning or disregarding of all their debts, leaving their creditors holding the sack. It solved their problem — but not their creditor’s.
Since Pennsylvania, a larger and richer state, took this action, there was pressure on Illinois, a smaller and poorer state, to do the same. This plan was initiated in their state capitol, but a representative named Stephen Douglas was greatly against such a move. Although he was elderly and very ill, his aids carried him into the Senate chamber on a stretcher. He powerfully argued against such action, and instead moved “that Illinois be honest.” His argument and his motion touched the hearts of all members and soon passed. Eventually Illinois became one of the wealthiest of the States.
The psalmist declared that God upheld him in his integrity and even gave him a fixed place before the face of God. It will be of lasting value if we give integrity a high place of honor in our lives and business practices. It should also have a prominent place in our personal and church dealings; dealings that are honest, upright, and ethical will have the favor of God. (Ray Crooks)

“My life shall be a challenge, not a compromise” (Charles Cowman).

This devotional is the Monday, September 14, 2015, entry of Opening the Word.