Many great topics benefit from the Word of God, but it is doubtful that any subject could give a greater blessing and spiritual lift than considering the Son of God Himself.

In this series of lessons we focus more on teachings about Christ and His divinity. We look at what He said He was, such as the Water of Life, the Good Shepherd, and the True Vine. We look at His power to forgive and consider His trial, crucifixion, and resurrection, all demonstrating that He was not just a great man or a good teacher but the very Son of God. Other lessons deal with His demonstration of humility, His prayer life, and the great authority with which He spoke. We end the quarter with a lesson that seeks to bring the series to a proper conclusion, asking, "What will you do with Jesus?" This question is vital for any unsaved ones who may be in the class, but it is also essential that each Christian continually allows Christ the place He seeks and deserves as the Lord and Master of our lives.

Let us all pray that the lessons on Christ, the Son of God, will not be dry academic studies but that we will recognize that the one we seek to understand and know better can be personally present in the classroom. Even more important, may we seek not only to know about Him but to recognize Him as our very own living, reigning, loving, and compassionate Savior. He wants to make Himself known in new and special ways. May we allow Him to do so. --