Another effective learning technique is to divide the class into smaller groups who will spend time studying, researching, and debating a smaller aspect or issue, and then reporting to the whole group their findings and conclusions.

For example, in studying Lesson 6, the class could be divided into three groups. The first group could be given multiple scriptures that speak of tithing and giving offerings to God, with the question: “What are patterns we see about giving in God’s Word?” The second group could be tasked writing a list of 5–10 principles for giving from the primary text and supporting scriptures. The third group could compile a list of the many blessings God promises for those who have a giving, sacrificial heart.

These three groups would report to the whole group their findings. The main points could be listed on a whiteboard, and you as teacher could then spend time emphasizing the most important issues, leading the class in relevant discussion and consideration of practical application steps.