Read Proverbs 4:1-6

“Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee; love her, and she shall keep thee” (v. 6).

I enjoy how Solomon gives a persona to Wisdom, picturing her as a woman standing in the busy intersections of life, crying out her message in the marketplaces, pleading with all to seek her.  The wise man urges us to clasp Wisdom to our hearts and to cling to her as to a treasure. If we do not forsake godly wisdom, it will preserve (keep, defend, protect) us; if we love wisdom, it will keep (guard) us. How many of us have yearned for this wisdom as we face decisions, disappointments, disasters, and death?  And we have found that as we ask God for wisdom and humbly await His response to our request, He has ultimately provided the direction we need. We need wisdom in the home and with the family, in the schoolroom and the market, on the road and in solitude, in the choices large and small that we must make.  And God is the giver of wisdom without reproaching us for the asking; He gives liberally when we ask Him. (Leonard L. Sankey)

Higher, higher in the school of wisdom, More of grace to know — Charles P. Jones

God is pleased when we turn to Him and ask for His wisdom and understanding.