A second, and vital, weekly best practice of Sunday school teachers is to start preparing for the
next Sunday's lesson early in the week. It is easy to understand the logic, but many fail to develop this habit and inevitably find themselves cramming desperately Saturday night - or Sunday morning - to get ready to teach. With this in mind, let us consider how to break down the task of developing a lesson to be more manageable.

  1. Set aside some time Sunday afternoon to read the title page of next Sunday's lesson. Read
    that week's "Tips for Teachers" for inspiration. Then, open your Bible to the “Focus Text(s)” and read, without referring to the lesson commentary. Read the “Central Truth,” and reflect on how the scripture illustrates or fleshes out this principle. Read the “Objective,” and brainstorm briefly how you can help your class achieve this goal.
  2. Read one page per day, Monday through Friday, of the five remaining pages in the lesson.
  3. Organize your lesson on Saturday, numbering sequentially various parts of the lesson to cover, as well as adding various other ideas, etc. that you have accumulated while studying throughout the week.