What does it mean to be a Sunday school teacher? Probably for most, the mental image they have of a Sunday school teacher is a picture of a person at the front in a church classroom, teaching their students. The actual ministry of the best Sunday school teachers, however, includes far more.
The best Sunday school teachers are, in a real sense, like a pastor to their class. These teachers do not see their job beginning and ending with the "Sunday school hour." Rather, they work throughout the week to build a relationship with her students, minister to them spiritually, and train them to follow God. As such, a vital part of the Sunday school teachers’ work is to pray for their students and their needs on a daily basis.
What should the teacher do in order to know how to pray for students?

  1. Pray for God's will for your students, including their salvation, entire sanctification, spiritual growth, and involvement in Christian service.
  2. Keep a notebook or journal (hard copy or digital) of the prayer requests and praises of your students.
  3. Pray regularly for the Holy Spirit to reveal how you should be praying for your students.