Lord, I pray today for my fellow Sunday school teachers. I thank You that our church has a team working together to train people how to live for Christ. I value their ministry, whether they are teachers of younger ages or a different class of adults. Thank You for the privilege of serving You with others.

I pray that my fellow teachers might be filled with wisdom and understanding as they direct their classes. Give them the creativity to teach their students that every week the class is excited to learn about You.
Give my fellow teachers encouragement in their ministry. I know that they, like me, will have those days and weeks where busyness, troubles of various kinds, and interruptions tend to suck the energy and life from their spirit. Help them to persevere for You. Let them know that their work has eternal results and eternal rewards.
Help me to be an encouragement to my fellow teachers. May I never be a source of frustration or irritation. Instead, help me to be a great team player for the cause of Christ. I pray all this in Jesus’ name, Amen.