A missing emphasis in many churches is the ministry of the believers. For too long, ministry has been seen as the task of only the pastor. Such an idea is unbiblical and results in an unhealthy church. One way to reverse this tide is to begin promoting ministry within the Sunday school class setting. By planning only four ministry events per year - at least in the beginning - you may stretch the spiritual muscles of your class but hopefully not strain them.
What kind of ministry opportunities should your class engage in?

  • Fall - Consider hosting a community-wide blood drive or engaging in a project such as Christmas shoeboxes.
  • Winter - Your class may want to go caroling at a nursing home, clear snow from the sidewalks of elderly persons (part of or not part of your church), or volunteer at the homeless shelter.
  • Spring - A fun class project may be to do yard work for someone not physically able or as a way to clean up the neighborhood. 
  • Summer - Send some or all of your class on a missions trip or provide a car-care clinic with free refreshments.