Read Luke 21:10-16.

"For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist" (v. 15).

     Most of us look at trouble as all bad. We avoid it if possible. Paul was warned not to go to Jerusalem. Agabus prophesied (Acts 21:11) that Paul would be bound and imprisoned when he went to Jerusalem. Paul said he was "ready… to die... for the name of the Lord Jesus." He went, was arrested, witnessed to Jews, Gentiles, high ranking officials, and prison guards. He was ill-treated and later died for his testimony. Eternity will reveal millions perhaps who will be in heaven because of his witness those last days of his life as a prisoner. Paul said he suffered the loss of everything and counted those things but rubbish that he might win Christ.
Savanye found Christ as Savior in one of our churches in Haiti. A bitter enemy put a machete to Savanye's throat, demanded him to renounce the church, the pastor, and the president of Haiti. Savanye boldly refused and remained faithful! God delivered him. He serves cheerfully and faithfully today
Many have been turned to Christ simply because someone "lived it." The statement is made: "I want what that person has!" (Mark J. Surbrook)

Life is a series of attitudes and adjustments.
Adjustments depend on attitudes.
Our attitudes determine our measure of usefulness,
our measure of peace, and the destiny of souls.
                                                                                    — Karl Paulo