ephesians6v11In "Teaching Tips", Greg Blake writes:

Christians are made strong, then, by putting on the “whole armor” of God to protect and prepare them for their encounter with “the wiles of the devil” that will assault them. The “whole armor” refers to the entire stock of protective apparatus available to soldiers going into combat — a wholeness that is necessary so that no unprotected surfaces are open to harm. That Christians “stand” against these forces reasserts the simple foot-soldier image of the Christian — those who may expect to combat the enemy at close quarters, hand-to-hand and face-to-face.

Discussion: Are you comfortable with this imagery of you, as a Christian, being a foot soldier of the Cross? Are you dressed with the armor of God and ready for battle?
Source: Lesson 9 - "Made Alive in Christ", Adult Teacher's Insights, p. 52.