A Wise Man - Proverbs 1:5
In "Biblical Perspective", Dr. Gordon Snider writes:

If they heed the proverbs, they will become a wise man, which is defined as someone who will listen. The proverb writer amplified the point in 9:9, where he observed that if a wise man is given instruction, he will become yet wiser. Thus learning is both for the naïve and the accomplished. Again the writer seemed to be using a synonymous parallelism, where a wise man and a man of understanding are repetitive phrases. Wise counsels is a navigation word, suggesting the ability to steer the ship correctly. Listening and learning always leaves the learner in a better position to deal with the storms and rapids of life.

Discussion: Why is listening and wisdom so closely connected?
Source: Biblical Family Values, Adult Teacher's Insights, page 48.