Read Galatians 3:22-25.

"But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster" (v. 25).

How did you come to faith in Christ? Most of us have a story of people who helped us, sermons that convicted us, circumstances that influenced our decision. Seldom have I heard people say that the law of God had a part in bringing them to faith. But in our reading for today, Paul says that it was the law of God that served as a tutor to bring each of us to Christ? How does that work?

Paul himself answers that question in Romans 7:7. The law of God showed Paul that his life was missing the mark. We all needed someone or something to get our attention that we were on the wrong road. It is so easy to deceive ourselves into thinking that all is well – that we are as good as we need to be. It is God's Word that becomes the mirror to show us what is truly in our hearts.

Have you looked in the mirror today? Not the one that shows you if your hair is out of place, but the one that shows you what your priorities are; that shows you whether your goals in life reflects God's plans for you. If so, did your look in the mirror make you change anything in your life? James 1:24 reminds us that many people look at the mirror of God's law, see their faults, then forget what they saw. They fail to listen to the tutor, so ultimately fail the course. (Gordon L. Snider)

Lord, help me to listen to my tutor today!