In "Doctrinal Discussion" Jason Lindahl writes:

A friend was describing conditions at his former place of employment. The picture was not rosy — bad attitudes, squabbles, childish behavior. The sad thing, he lamented in conclusion, was that the people who claimed to be Christians were the hardest with which to work. Those who made no claims to grace were, for the most part, the preferred co-workers. Too often, such an accusation has been repeated. “Christians” may be faithful at church attendance three times a week, be diligent in tithing and even verbal witnessing for Jesus, and wear three-quarter-length sleeves with fashionable ease; but whatever happened to graciousness, kindness, and consideration for others? What place is there for a chip on a Christian's shoulder, or a bite in a Christian's speech? Why doesn't anyone like to work with you, Christian? Are you sure it is just persecution?

Source: Building Christian Relationships: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 67.