In "Word Focus" William Sillings writes:

Cry out (kradzein — v. 47) means “to cry out or to scream.” Bartimaeus recognized his time of opportunity and began to go to work to get the most he could out of it. He did not sit by the roadside mumbling in his beard about how hard life was and how unfair it was that Jesus would pass by that way and not stop to help him.
He was not concerned about what other people thought right then. In fact, some of them tried to get him not to be so loud. They charged him (v. 48) that he should hold his peace. Charged (epetimen — imperfect) is a strong word, and the imperfect tense suggests “they continually rebuked him.” They told him to hold his peace (siopasoi), that is, to keep silent. In other words, the crowds kept telling him to shut up and quit his loud yelling.
But Bartimaeus was not to be denied access to this one great opportunity. There are times for refined decorum, of course, but this was not one of them. If Bartimaeus did not get Jesus’ attention this time, who knows how long it would be before He came that way again — if ever?

Discussion: How serious are you in taking advantage of the opportunity to gain God's help in your life?
Source: Miracles of Jesus: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 75.