Every Sunday school teacher wants an engaged class – students who are active in the learning process. But what can the teacher do to encourage active learners? There is a catchy phrase common in educational circles today that says that a teacher should be “a guide on the side; not a sage on the stage.” Translated, that phrase means that teachers not only give good information, but they encourage their students to contribute information to the learning process as well. Group interaction in a class does carry some risks, and not every-one is comfortable with the process. So in the teaching tips for this quarter we will discuss some “do's and don'ts” for effective class discussions. My prayer is that if you have wanted more discussion, but did not know how to get it, these tips will result in opening the door to an active, engaged class.
"Tips for Teachers", by Gordon Snider.
Source: The Church: God's People. Adult Teacher's Insights, page 3.