In "Doctrinal Discussion" Omar Lee writes:

Election, in Arminian circles, has generally been placed in three categories:

  1. Election (choice) of individuals to perform special tasks.
    a. The twelve apostles.
    b. Paul as a chosen vessel.
  2. Election (choosing) of nations, bodies of people, for special privileges.
    a. Abraham's seed through Isaac.
    b. The Church.
  3. Individual election because they have conformed to His conditions. That is, through grace by faith they have believed in Him (adapted from Wiley's Intro. to Christian Theology).
    From this discussion, we draw these conclusions:
  4. That a sovereign God has everything as well as all people in His control.
  5. That having created man, He predestined a plan to recover them when they sinned.
  6. That He elects (chooses) as His own those who elect (choose) to believe and thus meet His conditions.
  7. That as election is only if we believe, therefore, to fail to believe or to decide to abandon our belief results in judgment and final damnation.
    It is good to know that God has a predestined plan for our complete restora-tion to fellowship with Him throughout the ages. Our choice makes the difference!

Source: Studies in Romans: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 56.