In "God's Word for Today" David Woods writes:

It is both fascinating and disconcerting to watch how people respond to personal tragedy. The unbeliever — the one who has no relationship with Christ, nor pretends to have any such — may react by experiencing complete meltdown, or attempting to “hold it together.” The Christian with weak faith often blames God, bargains with God, and questions God. Even the Christian with a stronger faith often responds with these telltale signs of grief. But for the one whose faith in Christ is strong, there is a difference. Many whose faith is weak find such trying circumstances strengthen their relationship with God, but there are some who allow such trouble to crush their spirit and faith in God. The distinctions may be impossible to see at first, but over time it becomes apparent.
Discussion: Obviously, such generalizations risk unfair assumptions and characterizations of people's faith. With that noted, what are some key differences between Christians whose faith is strengthened in adversity, as compared to those whose faith is obliterated?

Source: Studies in the Psalms: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 52.