storm-rainbowRead Psalm 107:23-30
“For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof” (v. 25).
Ever wonder how marine creatures ended up as fossils atop the highest mountains? I recently heard a creationist geologist explain his model of what happened during Noah’s flood. While his explanation is too complex for this devotional, evidence indicates that God used several cataclysmic processes to cover the continents with repeated surges of sea water that deposited the multi-layered graveyards of untold numbers of creatures.
Not even the most powerful tropical storms of today begin to duplicate the results of the flood, but they do display God’s mighty power. For example, consider Hurricane Sandy. With a wind field 1100 miles in diameter, Sandy’s storm surges and flooding rains inflicted an estimated $65 billion in damages in the United States alone. In the face of such power, how puny a human being seems!
How small we feel when the storms of life rage about us! That is when we need to remember that the God who controls the wind and waves of the sea, controls our lives. In answer to prayer, He will bring calm to our spirits — even in the midst of the tempest. (JLC)

Waves may roll and leap and thunder On a dark and threatening sea,
Thou dost ever watch Thy children, And their strength and peace wilt be.
— August Gottlieb Spangenberg

If a storm is battering your little vessel, do not jump ship! The Master is on board and still speaks peace.
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Photo credit: "I almost crossed this one" by Marsel Minga used under CC0 / Cropped.