Read John 11:31-37.

“When Jesus, therefore, saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled.”

(v. 33),

   Jesus turns sorrow into JOY! Two-word scriptures? Quickly we answer, “Jesus wept.” Because “Jesus wept” we can “Rejoice evermore” (1 Thess. 5:16). This Thessalonians scripture is a perfect two-word synonym for JOY.
God’s people have a history of leaving ripples of joy. Think about the relief and joy Moses caused when he used his staff to divide the Red Sea. Vicious, pursuing Pharaoh along with his supercharged and competent army were swallowed by the seething sea. Instead of a watery tomb, the Israelites experienced a tidal wave of joy.
   Can you imagine the joy experienced by the Shunamite mother when her dead son sneezed seven times? Usually, sneezing brings concerns of Illness; in this case, it brought immense joy. When dressmaker Dorcas was brought back to life, the whole village let out a relieved sigh! Dorcas was a joy broadcaster using her creative designs to provide much-needed clothing for the poor.
Sowing seeds of joy among others will minimize idle time to dwell on troubles. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” is not just a dreamy, idyllic phrase. Laughter has been proven to increase oxygen intake and lower blood pressure. Once again, the Bible is supported by scientific evidence. Exodus decreed handwashing; now medical science has agreed it is good for our health. God handed us a manual for our trek to heaven. His Holy Word has not left out even the minutest details for a joyful journey! In the wake of your travels, leave behind smiles and joy. (Beverly Tatum)
Joyful news to all mankind,
Jesus is mighty to save;
All who seek shall surely find
Jesus is mighty to save.
--- Charles Coller

It takes 72 muscles to frown — only 14 to smile!