Read Luke 21:17-20
"In your patience possess ye your souls." (v. 19).
The Christian school was hosting the annual field day. One youngster had won every race he entered. His team had won the relays, sometimes with him coming from behind on the last leg of the race. Now it was time for the mile run. Runners lined up for the starting gun. At the signal, some runners immediately jumped out to a quick lead. This runner shrugged, set his pace, and ran. A significant distance behind by half way through the first lap, he held his pace. Keeping the pace he had set for himself, he was in the lead by the end of the second lap, and increased the lead on the third. The fourth and final lap was a sprint for him, and he finished nearly half a lap ahead of his closest competitor.
The word patience in today's verse suggests the idea of cheerful endurance. The idea of the passage is that if we maintain our relationship with God, we win, even if death is a consequence of our faith. The death of Christians is valuable in God's sight because death is the door through which His followers enter heaven. Enduring hardship in this life is worthwhile because we are going where hardship never comes. (Mark Avery)
Be faithful. Endure to win.
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