Every teacher has them — participants that talk too much, whine too much, can’t stay focused, or are too self-focused. These people are EGRs: Extra Grace Required. What do we do with them? The answer is in the name: Extra grace is required. The reason we lose patience with people in our groups who have problems is that we are missing God’s grace. As a teacher, you must come to the realization that in these situations the person who requires extra grace is YOU! Perhaps the purpose of EGRs in your group — and who knows? You may be the EGR! — is to help you grow in grace as a teacher and servant of God. To grow in grace means to become more Christlike in the way we see people. To grow in grace means that we don’t avoid EGRs, rather, we invite them to participate, and with the grace of God we begin to transform them, and ourselves.